Oscar 2014: Best Picture Nominees–Commercial Appeal

As of Oscar Day, February 22, 2015:

This year’s crop of Best Picture candidates is the lowest grossing since 2011.

However, “American Sniper” is the highest-grossing Oscar nominee since the animated “Toy Story 3,” in 2010.

The Eight Best Picture Nominees in Box-Office Gross:


American Sniper

Budget: $60 million

Release date:

Running time:

Box-office: $319,600,000

Clint Eastwood’s Iraq War drama continued to be the only big success in the group, adding over Oscar weekend $9.6 million to its $319.6 million  gross.



Budget: $18 million

Release Date:

Running time:

Box-office: $37,733,000




Budget: $4 million

Release date: July 11, 2014

Running time: 166 Minutes

Box-office: $25,295,600


Grand Budapest Hotel


The Imitation Game





The Theory of Everything