Oscar 2013: Electronic Voting

The electronic voting system for the Oscars will be different this year.

Voting members will have one user name and password to access both the member site and voting site. The dual log-ins and passwords for the two sites caused confusion last year.

Members will not need to type in a VIN number to vote.

If the voter forgets  the password, he/she will get an immediate email. Last year, there was a customer service number to call that initiated the process, and caused delays.

Last season, after extensive testing, the Academy inaugurated electronic voting. Though there were some complaints, the majority of Academy members voted this way in both nominations and final voting. Paper ballots are still an option for those who prefer them.

But even with the more complicated system last year, it was easier and faster for those who live outside the Los Angeles area. That will be even more important this year: In July, the Academy invited 276 members to join, including many overseas residents, as part of an effort to create a more diverse membership.

The Academy stressed that these electronic changes will in no way compromise the site’s security, which has always been a top concern.