Oscar 2010: Show is NOT moving to January

The Oscars aren't moving — at least not in 2012.

While the next Academy Awards broadcast is set for Feb. 27, there has been an ongoing discussion among the Academy's officers and board members about moving up the date for the ceremonies from its current late February slot to some time in January in 2012.

At Tuesday night's meeting of the board of governors, such a move was debated, but the board decided to hold off making a dramatic move in 2012.

The Academy confirmed, "The Academy's Board of Governors has determined that the date of the 84th Academy Awards in 2012 will not be significantly earlier than the now-traditional last Sunday in February. A different date still remains a possibility in subsequent years, and the Academy's staff and Board will continue to evaluate the advantages and challenges associated with such a change."

According to an informed source, "The Academy's not ready yet. ABC is not prepared to sell an earlier awards show. The Academy hasn't voted online [which might have been necessary given an accelerated awards schedule]. How can it be done so Academy members can see movies way they should be seen? This was about an idea of trying to be relevant."