Oscar 2009: Reactions to the Nominations

Reactions to the Oscar nominations

Nominees talk about this morning's announcement


Vera Farmiga's mom was more nervous than the supporting actress nom just before Tuesday morning's announcements were made.

"She was panicking because she was watching E! and it was :33 and :34 after the hour, and they weren't switchng over," the actress said, but once her name was called, the whole morning became sort of surreal.

"I'm pretty sober about this whole thing. I loathe announcements where you're waiting for your name to be called, but now it's nice that we (the cast of 'Up in the Air') can hold hands through all of this. And it's pretty great to hold George Clooney's hand."


* * *

Composer Michael Giacchino, nominated for his score to "Up," says this year's nominations show that the proof of talent is in the storytelling, regardless of genre.

"Animation is just another form of storytelling, it's not just for kids or just for adults," he said. "It's kind of like we have broken out of the kids' table at thanksgiving dinner and now can sit at the table for adults now."