Oscar 2008: New Technology for Show's Red Carpet

Feb 20, 2009–New technology will give several pre-Oscar shows and their audiences a more detailed look at the action on the red carpet.

E!'s Oscar preview show, “Live From the Red Carpet,” will introduce the Star Tracker, which will follow celebs in real time, identifying them with a graphic as they make their way through the crowd. The technology comes from Sportvision, which created the virtual yellow first-down line seen during football broadcasts and NASCAR's Racef/x system, tracking individual cars going 200 mph.

“E!” said the “Star Tracker” will be used to enable show hosts to highlight key moments on the red carpet, including “celebrities that are walking in close proximity to other celebrities who they are trying to avoid.”

Buzznet, which has several pop culture websites, is introducing a zoom feature  for celebrity photos.  The new tool enables users to zoom in and move around high-resolution photos to get a closer look at the dresses, shoes and jewelry.  Photos can be magnified up to four times their original size.  The zoom feature will be launched on several websites operated by Buzznet's Celebuzz portal, which includes the Just Jared, the Superficial, Socialite Life and Go Fug Yourself sites.

“It's so satisfying to be able to instantly see a closeup of anything that interests you, whether it's a pair of designer shoes, a wrinkle, or a simple hand gesture,” said Karina Kogan, manager of celebrity for Buzznet.