Oscar 2008: Glaring Omissions

As in every year, the Oscar omissions are almost as interesting and glaring as the Oscar contenders.  This year, the following films and performers were ignored or snubbed by the Academy voters: “The Dark Knight” and its director Christopher Nolan, Clint Eastwood as Best Actor in “Gran Torino,” Leonardo DiCaprio in “Revolutionary Road,” Bruce Springsteen for his song in Darren Aronofsky’s drama “The Wrestler,” to mention a few. 

Biggest Loser

Arguably, the biggest loser at this year’s nominations is Sam Mendes’ “Revolutionary Road,” which received only one acting nod, Supporting Actor for Michael Shannon.  Lead Actor Leonardo DiCaprio was denied nomination, and Lead Actress Kate Winslet, who earlier won the Gold Globe, was nominated for Best Actress in another film, “The Reader.”

The Dark Knight

Though Warner’s “The Dark Knight,” which some consider the best picture of the year, scored an impressive eight nominations, it was left out of the Best Picture contest.  And so was its visionary helmer, Christopher Nolan.  It’s noteworthy that the Producers Guild nominated “The Dark Knight” as one of the five best picture nominees, and the Directors Guild acknowledged helmer Chris Nolan in their nominations.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s title tune for “The Wrestler” won the Golden Globe Award this month, and Cyrus was co-writer of the song “I Thought I Lost You” from “Bolt,” which was not nominated.

Holocaust Film

Though Holocaust-WWII films have a reputation as being particularly appealing to the Academy voters, who are older than average moviegoers, Stephen Daldry’s “The Reader” was the only one to score big, with major nominations, including Best Picture and Director. Of the five nominated picture, it has received the weakest reviews from film critics.