Oscar 2007: Tilda Swinton Reaction to Winning

Tilda Swinton won the Supporting Actress Oscar for the legal thriller, “Michael Clayton.”

“I just had a reverse 'Zoolander' moment, where I think I heard someone else's name and suddenly, slooooooooowly heard my own,” Swinton said of being announced as the winner for “Michael Clayton.” “I'm still recovering from that moment. I have absolutely no idea what happened after that. You could tell me my dress fell off and I'd believe you. “I kind of thought Ruby Dee would win, but frankly, anyone but myself,” she added.

Swinton said she wasn't worried about a possible SAG strike: “I'm worried that there may be a cause to strike. Striking's the thing we can do if conditions aren't right. I feel like recent events might have made a strike unlikely, but there's always that possibility. I have the very good fortune of being European, so I have other planets to work on.”