Oscar 2007: Lovesickness (Maldeamores), Puerto Rico's Oscar Entry

MALDEAMORES (Lovesickness) is the Puerto Rican entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar Film caegory at the 80th annual Oscar Awards. The winner of the Audience Choice Awards at the 2007 Chicago Film Fest, Maldeamores is a story about love, in all ots forms and at all ages. A childs first kiss, a man who cant grasp rejection, an unfaithful husband and an elderly love affair. Passion defeats reason again and again in a story of the eternal, often masochistic search for love.


Maya Releasing Presents A Film by Carlitos Ruiz Ruiz.
Co-Directed by Mariem Perez Riera
Executive Produced by Benicio Del Toro, Donald K. Ranvaud, Robert Bevan, Cyril Megret

Running Time: 83 minutes.
Language: Spanish with English subtitles.
This film is not yet rated by the MPAA.


Luis Guzman, Teresa Hernandez, Silvia Brito, Chavito Marrero, Miguel Angel Alvarez, Luis Gonzaga, Fernando Tarrazo