Oscar 2007: Javier Bardem Reaction to Winning

Javier Bardem won the Supporting Actor Oscar for “No Country for Old men,” in which he plays one of the scariest hit men to be seen in American film.

Supporting winner Bardem praised his fellow nominees, saying “This is a lottery, it doesn't mean I'm better than the rest at all.

The Spanish actor, who had previously been nominated for “Before Night Falls,” recalled fondly the the support he got from his mother, actress Pilar Bardem, during this award season.

“My mother said, I'm going to try to take a plane and get there on time, just make sure somebody gets there to help me through immigration,'” he said. “She sat down with me today and said I'm nervous,' and I said Why They're not going to give you anything.'”

“She knows everything about all this, the ups, the down, the dark, the light. She's a great companion through all this and she knows that the real success is to get a job.”