Oscar 2007: Diablo Coy Reaction to Winning

Diablo Cody won the Original Screenplay Oscar for the hit comedy, “Juno.” It's her first Oscar for her first nomination.

Asked whether she thought the writers strike affected the Oscarcast, Cody said, “Tonight's show, I'm not sure I saw it. I was into my own world of anxiety and stomach pain,”

The “Juno” scribe corrected descriptions of her former job as “exotic dancer.” “I was not a dancer. I can't dance,” she said, which leaves “stripper” as the correct job description.

“If I had the money, I would pay off people in the journalism world to not mention it again,” she joked, adding that if her own life story were made into a script, she would have to write it. “It would be a silly movie because nobody would believe it.”

As for other artists out there working at strange odd jobs, she said “To me, those are the greatest artists in the world, because they're doing art for art's sake.”