Oscar 2007: Daniel Day-Lewis Reaction to Winning

Daniel Day-Lewis, won the Best Actor Oscar for “There Will Be Blood.” It's his second Oscar Award; the first was in 1989 for “My Left Foot.”

“I'm very much looking forward to all the milkshakes I can drink for the next 25 years or so,” said Day-Lewis, commenting on the parody phenomenon that had sprung up around his most memorable line in “There Will Be Blood.”

“I think it's fantastic. There's a long tradition, in fact it's an art form, we call it slagging in Ireland, taking the piss in England. If you can offer up something that they can slag you for, they're always grateful for that.”

Day-Lewis also explained his reasons for kissing fellow nominee George Clooney after hearing his name announced.

“George has been there for me,” he said, adding, “I kissed my wife, and in the interests of parity, I kissed George.”

Though mild-mannered as ever, Day-Lewis did display some Daniel Plainview-style ferocity when asked what he did to unwind in his spare time.

“The great thing is, I don't have to talk about that, I can just do it,” he said. “Why Because it's none of your f-ing business, that's why!”