Oscar 2007: Coen Brothers Reaction to Winning

February 24, 2008–The Coen brothers again showed their differnet personalities in their reaction to getting the top Oscars for “No Country for Old Men.”

Joel spoke comfortably and at length, while Ethan appeared shy and laconic. Both, however, stressed that their work on “No Country for Old Men” was truly collaborative.

“We've always viewed movies the same way. There's no real division of labor,” Joel said. “It's a collaborative process from top to bottom.”

Producer Soctt Rudin was more forthcoming about his feelings on winning his first Oscar.

“It's amazing, there's nothing like it, and especially with these two guys,” he said, gesturing to each Coen brother at his side. “I think it's the best movie we've been involved with. I loved it from the first moment I saw it, and I think it's a total tribute to Joel and Ethan. So, it's thrilling.”