Oscar 2007: Art Direction Nominees

January 11, 2008–The Art Directors Guild has nominated 15 features in three categories for its production design awards, with winners to be announced Feb. 16 at the Beverly Hilton.

Nominees in the period film category went to Arthur Max for “American Gangster,” Sarah Greenwood for “Atonement,” Guy Hendriz Days for “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” Dante Ferretti for “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” and Jack Fisk for “There Will Be Blood.”

Fantasy nominations went to Dennis Gassner for “The Golden Compass,” Stuart Craig for “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” Rick Heinrichs for “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End,” Harley Jessup for “Ratatouille” and James Bissell for “300.”

Nominations in the contemporary film category were given to Peter Wenham for “The Bourne Ultimatum,” Michel Eric and Laurent Ott for “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” Carlos Conti for “The Kite Runner,” Kevin Thompson for “Michael Clayton” and Jess Gonchor for “No Country for Old Men.”

The ADG also announced noms in four TV categories and for commercials.

Single Camera Television Series nods went to “Heroes” for Episode 1020 “Five Years Gone” (Ruth Ammon); “Lost” for Episode 322 “Through the Looking Glass” (Zack Grobler); “Mad Men” for Episode 9 “Shoot” (Dan Bishop); “Pushing Daisies” for Episode 101 “Pie Lette” (Michael Wylie) and “Ugly Betty” for Episode 123 “East Side Story” (Mark Worthington).

Multi-Camera Television Series noms: “Back to You” Pilot (Bernard Vyzga); “How I Met Your Mother” for Episode 222 “Something Blue” (Stephan Olson); “Mad TV” for Episode 1221 (John Sabato); “Rules of Engagement” for Episode 208 “Fix Ups and Downs” (Bernard Vyzga) and “Two and a Half Men” for Episode 3T6258 “Is There A Mrs. Waffles” (John S. Shaffner).

Television movie or miniseries nods: “The Company” (Marek Dobrowolski); “PU 239” (Tom Meyer); “Starter Wife” (Tracey Gallacher).

In the category of awards show, variety, music or non-fiction program: “49th Annual Grammy Awards” (Steve Bass); “59th Primetime Emmy Awards” (John Shaffner and Joe Stewart); “2007 American Music Awards” (John Shaffner and Joe Stewart); “Hell's Kitchen” for Episode 301 (John R. Janavs); and “Super Bowl XLI Halftime Performance — Starring Prince” (Bruce Rodgers).

Commercial noms went to Barclays for “Ballet” (Tom Foden); The “Bee Movie” Trailer for Trailer #2 “Steven” (Ramsey Avery); Budweiser for “Space Station” (Jeremy Reed); HBO for “Voyeur: Four Floors, Eight Stories” (Tom Foden); Lexus for “Hydrant” (Floyd Albee).