Oscar 2006: Least Commercial Oscar Winners, 1978-Present

Feb 25, 2007–If “Little Miss Sunshine” wins the Oscar tonight, it will be one of the least commercial successful Best Pictures. The Fox Searchlight movie, which was released in the summer and came out on DVD in December, had grossed less than $60 million at the box-office.

If an Oscar-winning picture doesn't cross the $100 million mark domestically, it's considered a disappointment, even if the film's budget is low, such as “Little Miss Sunshine,” which cost only $7 million.

Over the past two decades, the least commercially successful Best Picture winners are:
last year's Oscar-winner Crash, which made $54.6 million at the box-office. Other Best Picture winners that have not been popular with the public are:

Commercial Appeal (Domestic Boxoffice Gross):

The English Patient (1996), $78.7
Braveheart (1995), $75.6
The Last Emperor (1987), $44.0
Amadeus (1984), $51.6
Out of Africa (1985), $87.1
Gandhi (1982), $52.8
Chariots of Fire (1981), $59.0
Ordinary People (1980), $54.8
The Deer Hunter (1978), $49.0