Oscar 2006: 83 Countries Invited to Submit Films

Beverly Hills, CA, July 11, 2006–The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences invited 83 countries to submit films for consideration in the Foreign Language Film category for the 79th Academy Awards.

To qualify for the 2006 awards year, a film must be released in the submitting country between October 1, 2005 and September 30, 2006 and be publicly screened in 35mm or 70mm film for at least seven consecutive days in a commercial motion picture theater.

The dialogue track must be predominantly in a language or languages other than English. Accurate English subtitles are required.

Entry forms must be received at the Academy by Monday, October 2, 2006, and film prints must be received by Friday, October 13. Only one picture will be accepted from each country.

Since the categorys establishment in 1956, 102 different countries have submitted films to compete for the Best Foreign Language Oscar. In 1956, the Oscar went to Italy for Fellini's masterpiece, La Strada.

Most recently, the South African film Tsotsi won the Oscar over a field of nominated films from France, Germany, Italy and the Palestinian Territories.

The republics of Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan will receive this year their first invitation to participate.

Countries that have not received letters of invitation and are interested in submitting a film for consideration should contact Awards Coordinator Torene Svitil at (310) 247-3000, ext. 116 or via e-mail at tsvitil@oscars.org.

Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements for 2006 will be presented on Sunday, February 25, 2007, at the Kodak Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Center and will be televised live by the ABC Television Network.