Oscar 1978: Best Picture Nominees, Winners of the Oscars, Golden Globes, Critics, and Festival Awards

Oscar 1978: Best Picture Nominees

Coming Home, 8 nominations, 3 Oscars
The Deer Hunter 9, 5  (winner)
Heaven Can Wait, 10, 1
Midnight Express, 6, 2
Unmarried Woman, An, 3, 1

N.Y. Film Critics Circle: The Deer Hunter

National Society of Film Critics: Get Out Your Handkerchiefs

L.A. Film Critics Association: Coming Home

National Board of Review: Days of Heaven; Autumn Sonata

Golden Globes: Midnight Express (Drama); Heaven Can Wait (Musical/Comedy)

British Awards: Julia

Cannes Festival: The Tree of Wooden Clogs (Italy, E. Olmi)

Venice Festival: Not Awarded

Berlin Festival: Spanish films in competition