Oscar 1968: Best Picture Nominees, Winners of Oscars, Golden Globes, Critics Awards

Oscar 1968: Best Picture Nominees

Funny Girl, 8 nominations, 1 Oscar
The Lion in Winter, 7, 3
Oliver! 11, 5 (Winner)
Rachel, Rachel, 4, no Oscars
Romeo and Juliette, 4, 2

N.Y. Film Critics Circle: The Lion in Winter

National Society of Film Critics: Shame (Sweden, Bergman)

National Board of Review: The Shoes of the Fisherman; War and Peace

British Awards: The Graduate

Golden Globes: Oliver (Musical/Comedy); The Lion in Winter (Drama)

Cannes Festival: Disrupted and Shut Down

Venice Festival: Die Artistin in der Zirkuskuppel

Berlin Festival: Ole Dole Doff (Sweden, Ian Troell); Innocence Unprotected (Yugoslavia, Mukavejev)