Oscar 1965: Best Picture Nominees, Winners of Oscars, Golden Globes, Critics, Festival wards

Oscar 1965: Best Picture Nominees

Darling, 5 nominations, 3 Oscars
Doctor Zhivago, 10, 5
Ship of Fools, 8, 2
The Sound of Music 10, 5 (winner)
A Thousand Clowns, 3, 1


N.Y. Film Critics Circle: Darling (UK)

Golden Globes: The Sound of Music (Musical/Comedy), Doctor Zhivago (Drama)

British Awards: My Fair Lady; the Ipcress File (UK)

Cannes Festival: The Knack (UK, Richard Lester)

Venice Festival: Of a Thousand Delights (Italy)

Berlin Festival: Alphaville (France, Jean-Luc Godard)