Cinema 1960: Best Picture Nominees, Winners of Oscar, Golden Globes, N.Y. Film Critics Circle

Oscar 1960: Best Picture Nominees

The Alamo, 7 nominations, 1 Oscar
The Apartment 10, 5 (winner)
Elmer Gantry 5, 3
Sons and Lovers, 7, 1
The Sundowners, 5, 1


N.Y. Film Critics Circle: Tie (The Apartment; Sons and Lovers)

Golden Globes: Spartacus (Drama); The Apartment (Comedy/Musical)

British Awards: The Apartment; Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Cannes Festival: La Dolce Vita (Italy, Fellini)

Venice Festival: Le Passage du Rhine (France)

Berlin Festival: Lazarillo de Tormes (Spain)