National Society of Film Critics: Best Actor Winners (1966-Present)

The National Society of Film Critics (NSFC), which was founded in 1966, is the smallest, most elitist group of about 60 reviewers.

Best Actor Winners by Year, Film, Role

1966     Michael Caine, Alfie (Alfie Elkins)

1967      Rod Steiger, In the Heat of the Night (Bill Gillespie)

1968      Per Oscarsson, Hunger (Pontus)

1969      Jon Voight, Midnight Cowby (Joe Buck)

1970       George C. Scott, Patton (George S. Patton)

1971        Peter Finch, Sunday Bloody Sunday (Daniel Hirsh)

1972        Al Pacino, The Godfather (Michael Corleone)

1973        Marlon Brando, Last Tango in Paris (Paul)

1974        Jack Nicholson, Chinatown (JJ. Gittes) and Last Detail (Billy Buddusky)

1975        Jack Nicholson, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Randle McMurphy)

1976        Robert De Niro, Taxi Driver (Travis Bickle)

1977         Art Carney, The Late Show (Ira Wells)

1978         Gary Busey, The Buddy Holly Story (Buddy Holy)

1979         Dustin Hoffman,  Agatha (as Wally Stanton); Kramer Vs. Kramer (as Ted Kramer)

1980        Peter O’Toole, The Stunt Man (Eli Cross)

1981         Burt Lancaster, Atlantic City (Lou Pascal)

1982         Dustin Hoffman, Tootsie (Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels)

1983         Gerard Depardieu, Danton (Georges Danton) and The Return of Martin Guerre (Arnaud de Tihl)

1984         Steve Martin, All of Me (Roger Cobb)

1985         Jack Nicholson, Prizzi’s Honor (Charley Partanna)

1986         Bob Hoskins, Mona Lisa (George)

1987         Steve Martin, Roxanne (C. D. Bales)

1988        Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice) and Clean and Sober (Daryl Poynter)

1989        Daniel Day-Lewis, My Left Foot (Christy Brown)

1990        Jeremy Irons, Reversal of Fortune (Claus von Bulow)

1991         River Phoenix, My Own Private Idaho (Mike Waters)

1992        Stephen Rea, The Crying Game (Fergus)

1993        David Thewlis, Naked (Johnny)

1994        Paul Newman, Nobody’s Fool (Sully Sullivan)

1995        Nicolas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas (Ben Sanderson)

1996        Eddie Murphy, The Nutty Professor (Sherman Klump/Buddy Love)

1997        Robert Duvall, The Apostle (Euliss Dewey/The Apostle)

1998       Nick Nolte, Affliction (Wade Whitehouse)

1999       Russell Crowe, The Insider (Jeffrey Wigand)

2000      Javier Bardem, Before Night Falls (Reinaldo Arenas)

2001       Gene Hackman, The Royal Tenenbaums (Royal Tenenbaum)

2002       Adrien Brody, The Pianist (Wladyslaw Szpilman)

2003       Bill Murray, Lost in Translation (Bob Harris)

2004       Jamie Foxx, Ray (Ray Charles) and Collateral (Max Durocher)

2005       Philip Seymour Hoffman, Capote (Truman Capote)

2006       Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland (Idi Amin)

2007       Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood (Daniel Plianview)

2008       Sean Penn, Milk (Harvey Milk)

2009      Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker (SFC William James)

2010       Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network (Mark Zuckerberg)

2011        Brad Pitt, Moneyball (Billy Beane) and The Tree of Life (Mr. O’Brien)

2012       Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln)

2013       Oscar Isaac, Inside Llewyn Davis (Llewyn Davis)

2014       Timothy Spall, Mr. Turner (J.M.W. Turner




2018:     Ethan Hawk, The Reformed)


Actors who have won multiple awards:

Three wins: 2 Actors
Daniel Day-Lewis (1989, 2007, 2012)
Jack Nicholson  (1974, 1975, 1985)
Two wins: 2 Actors
Dustin Hoffman (1979, 1982)
Steve Martin (1984, 1987)