Masterpieces of American and World Cinema: D (Day for Night to Duck Soup)

Masterpieces of American and World Cinema

Day for Night, France, Truffaut, 1974

Das Boot (The Boat), Germany, 1981

Death in Venice, Italy, Visconti, 1971

Decalogue, The, Poland, Kieslowski

Deer Hunter, The, US, Cimino, 1978

Deliverance, US, Boorman, 1972

Diabolique, France, Clouzot, 1955

Dinner at Eight, US, Cukor, 1933

Do the Right Thing, US, Spike Lee, 1989

Dodsworth, US, Wyler, 1936

Dog Day Afternoon, US, Lumet, 1975

Don’t Look Now, 1973

Dr. Strangelove, Or How I Learned, US, Kubrick, 1964

Double Indemnity, US, Billy Wilder, 1944

Double Life of Veronique, France (Poland), Kies;owski, 1991

Duck Soup, US, Marx Brothers, 1933