Masterpieces of American and World Cinema: C (Cabaret to Crying Game)

July 1, 2020

Masterpieces of American and Foreign Cinema: C

Cabaret, US, Fosse, 1972

Camille, US, Cukor, 1937

Cape Fear, Thomson, 1962

Carrie, US, De Palma, 1976

Casablanca, US, Curtiz, 1943

Cat People, US, 1942

Children of Paradise, France, Carne, 1945

Chinatown, US, Polanski, 1974

Citizen Kane, US, Welles, 1941

Close Encounters of the Third Kind, US, Spielberg, 1977

Confomrist, The, Italy, Bertolucci, 1970

Contempt (Le Mepris), France, Godard, 1963

Conversation, The, US, Coppola, 1974

Crash, Canada, Cronenberg, 1996

Cries and Whispers, Sweden, Bergman, 1972

Crying Game, The, UK-Ireland, Jordan, 1992