Oscar Actors: MacLaine, Shirley–Career Achievement Award

The L.A. Film Critics Association (LAFCA) bestowed this year its career achievement award to the legendary 82-year-old actress Shirley MacLaine, a multiple Oscar nominee, who finally won the Best Actress Oscar in 1983 for Terms of Endearment, directed by James L. Brooks.

MacLaine accepted the award from her Bernie costar Jack Black after he warned, “You do not fuck with Shirley MacLaine.”

MacLaine began her acceptance speech by saying, “That’s the nicest reception I’ve received in 500,000 years!” She then proceeded to read a number of the worst reviews she ever has been given by critics (“She doesn’t just phone in her performance; she never even picks up the receiver”), before thanking them for the important role they play.

She likened critics to friends who tell you what you need to know, even if you don’t want to hear it.