Jackie: Natalie Portman Oscar Card

The very talented Natalie Portman won the 2010 Best Actress Oscar for the trashy but captivating ballet thriller, Black Swan, directed by Darren Aronofsky, resulting in a huge global commercial hit.

Aronofsky is now the producer of the highly acclaimed Jackie,  Pablo Larrain’s art house biopic, which world premiered at the Venice Film Fest.

It was Portman’s second Oscar nomination, after earning a Supporting Actress nod for Mike Nichols’ Closer, in 2004.

Portman didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for the performance, which is astonishingly detailed.  She says she jumped at once into dialogue coaching, reading biographies, YouTube for content.
Playing the iconic First Lady was a tough and complex role because so much is going on inside the character, inner layers are mixed with a shifting outward self-awareness.
Showing Jackie Kennedy’s Multiple Roles

“Through the process with director Pablo Larrain, who really had such an incredible approach creatively, it felt very fluid and open and we were always able to throw things in and try different approaches.  He really had an intention to show her as a human being.  I think he succeeded, because it’s a real refraction of a person, all the different roles we play and the different selves we have in different situations in our lives.”

On Playing Iconic First Lady:

“Jackie Kennedy Was encyclopedic in her knowledge of what was going on.  She knew every single name and party affiliation and lobbying position of every person that ever walked into Kennedy’s office.”

Portman on Current First Lady

“Michelle Obama makes you admire the president even more for choosing someone like her to be next to him,” Portman says. “And what she’s done for health in this country and bringing a spotlight on eating properly and exercise and all of that work she’s done so well, she’s had such a clear agenda.”

Star Wars

“Now having a child, you see the ubiquity of everything ‘Star Wars’ in a child’s life, just the joy it brings,” Portman says. “Even if they haven’t seen it, by five they already know all the characters’ names and what light sabers are and Jedi mind control. It’s incredible how much of that infiltrates everyone’s minds. It’s really a big part of the culture and a lucky thing to be a part of.”