Oscar Movies: Rains Came, The (1939)

Oscar Nominations: 6

Cinematography (black-and-white): Arthur Miller

Interior decoration: William darling and George Dudley

Sound Recording: E.H. Hansen

Original Score: Alfred Newman

Film Editing: Barbara McLean

Special Effects: E. H. Hansen, visual; Fred Sersen, sound.

Oscar Awards: 1

Special effects

Oscar Context:

In 1939, considered to be the best year in Hollywood’s history, “Gone With the Wind” swept most of the Oscars, including Art Direction and Editing.

Arthur Miller’s name was later taken off the final ballot, when the Academy decided to have just two contenders for lensing.  The Cinematography Oscar went to Gregg Toland for “Wuthering Heights.”

The Sound Oscar was given to Bernard B. Brown for “When Tomorrow Comes,” and the Original Score to Herbert Stothart for “The Wizard of Oz.”