Hollywood 2013: Best Year in Recent Hollywood History?

oscar_sm_gold-150x145I have been hesitant to write this, but, based on my frequent attendance of movies (average of two a day, one in theater, one on DVD) and studies of film history, 2013 should be considered one of the best years in Hollywood history, alongside 1939 and and 1967.

In a series of articles, I will demonstrate why and how 2013 is a record year.  For now, let’s say that in 30 years of full-time reviewing, I don’t recall such level of enthusiasm and such joy of writing reviews, not to mention the fact that on our site, more films than in any other year have received A or A-.

oscar_multicolorThere is no way any Ten Best List can do justice to the richness, diversity, originality, and quality of the movies released this year, especially  between September and December.