Hollywood 2009: Worst Films

Call for action: moratorium on romantic comedies for one year. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that some of the worst films made in Hollywood in 2009 were romantic comedies. Here is a stale, tired, and tiresome genre that screams for makeover, or rest. Among the worst films of the year are:
All About Steve
Bride Wars
Did You Hear about the Morgans?
The Ugly Truth
Two romantic comedies, one mediocre, “Julie and Julia,” and one below
mediocre, “It’s Complicated,” were made by women, Nora Ephron and Nancy Meters, respectively. Both stars Meryl Streep, who’s the best thing in them, but this unusually talented actress, certainly deserves better material to work with.
Then there is Anne Fletcher, who first came to my attendtion as the director of “27 Dresses,” but his season showed improvement in helming the Sandra Bullock hit comedy, “The Proposal.”
The genre has its own talent: Several actresses are making only (or mostly) romantic comedies: Jennifer Anistorn, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Katherine Heigl, who also had starred in the awful “27 Dresses.”