1 Oscar: Quiz

December 6, 2022

Who was the last performer to win Special Child Oscar?

Hayley Mills, 1960



What is the nationality of the newly married girl in Casablanca who asked for Rick’s help?


Oscar Show

In what Oscar show, four of the directing nominees were called to the stage by the presenter (Frank Capra) and asked to shake each other’s hand.

The show was in 1941, in which the winner, John Ford (Grapes of Wrath), was not there. Ford and Fonda were in a boat off Mexico “for as long as the fish are biting.”

The nominees present: Cukor, Hitchcock, Sam Wood, William Wyler.


*Name the year in which 4 of the 5 Best Actor nominees were in biopics:


Don Cheadle, HotelRuanda; Depp, Finding Neverland; DiCaprio, Aviator; Jammie Fox, Ray;

Eastwood was the exception (boxer)

*Name the one film that received acting nominations in all four categories, but was not nom for Best Picture

My Man Godfrey (1936)

What does Claude Rains throw in the wastepaper in Casablanca?

A bottle of Vichy water

Also a metaphor for his political conversion from collaboration to resistance

Most Nominated Pics

How many won 11 Oscars:

Ben Hur, 1959

Titanic, 1997

Lord of Rings, Return of King, 2003

Name the first producer who won 2 consecutive Best Picture:

David O. Selznick, GWTW; Rebecca

Best Picture and TV

Name the first Best Picture winner that was based on a TV play?



Name the actor who in the same year win the Oscar for playing a good guy and also the villain in another film:

Ernest Borgnine, Marty; Black Day at Black Rock.

Pin Up and Best Picture

Name the starlet pin-up who does not adorn Andy Dreyfuss Jail cell in Shawshank Redemption:

Lana Turner

Choose one: R. Hayworth, Monroe, L. Turner, Raquel Welsh

Name in  chronological order the first 3 films that have won 8 Oscars?

WTW, 1939; Grom Here to Eternity, 1953; On Waterfront, 1954

How many films have won Best Picture Oscar without getting any acting nominations:

Wings, All Quiet, Grand Hotel, American in Paris, Greatest Show on Earth, Around World in 80 Days, Gigi, Last Emperor, Braveheart

Name the first Best Picture that also earned 3 Best Actor nominations?

Mutiny on the Bounty

Name first film that won Best Picture that offered 3 Supporting Actor nominations?

On the Waterfront, 3

Name the picture that received the largest number of nominations?

14: Tie: All About Eve, Titanic, La La Land

13: GWTW, Lord of Rings, From Here?

Name the film that won the largest number of Oscars without winning Best Picture?

Cabaret, 8; winner was The Godfather

Name films nominated for portraying Nazis in U Boats:

The Invaders (aka 49th Parallel), Das Boot

Name the last film nom for Best Picture with no other nominations?

The Ox-Bow Incident, 1943

Name the number of Best Picture nominees with Love in their title?

The Love Parade, 1929; Love Affair, 1939; Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, 1955; Sons and Lovers, 1960; Dr. Strangelove: Or I Learned to Love Bomb, 1964; Women in Love, 1970; Love Story, 1970; Love Affair, 1994

What is the poem that Matthew (John Hannah) reads at a church service in Four Weddings?

W.H. Auden’s “Funeral Blues”

Name the last film before “Titanic” to win Best Picture without screenplay nomination?

Sound of Music, 1965

Name Best Picture nominee that mentions Fatal Attraction by one of the characters?

Four Weddings and a Funeral: Hugh Grant mentions to Andy McDowell after they sleep together Glenn Close and the rabbit

Name the film that won more Oscars without being nominated for Best Picture

The Bad and The Beautiful, 5 Oscars

How many films won Best Picture without their directors being nominated?

Like Driving Miss Daisy

Name the highest grossing film that won Best Foreign Language?

Red Shoes?

Life Is Beautiful


Name the first film that was sequel to win Best Picture?

The Bells of St Mary’s, 1945, sequel to Going My Way, 1944


Which was the first Disney film to win the Best Picture Oscar

Which was the first Disney film to receive Best Picture Oscar nomination?

Dead Poets Society, 1989



Name the Oscar winning actor who utters the memorable line, “What a dump!”

Bette Davis in Beyond the Forest.

Name the Oscar winning actress who repeated that in another movie?

E. Taylor in Virginia Woolf?

Actress: Screen name

Name the actresses who won the Oscar for laying a character named Sara or variations of it?

Sarah, Children of Lesser God

Sarah, The Accused

Sera, Leaving Las Vegas



Robert Redford

Redford got The Way We Were, when Beatty turned it down

Redford got The Sting, when Brando, Beatty, and Nicholson turned it down.

Bridge on River

Alec Guinness got Oscar role in Bridge on River Kwai when C. Laughton turned it down due to illness

How many were nominated for the lead and supporting?

V. McLaglen, The Informer; The Quiet Man

Most Nominated Actors?

22, M. Streep, 3

12, K. Hepburn, 4

12 , J. Nicholson, 3

10, L. Olivier, 1

9, S. Tracy, 2

9, Paul Newman, 1

8, Brando, 2

8, Jack Lemmon, 2

8, Pacino, 1

8, G. Page, 1

7, Ingrid Bergman, 3

7, Jane Fonda, 2

7, D. Hoffman, 2

7, Greer Garson, 2

7, G. Close, 0

7, Blanchette, 2

6, F. McDormand, 3

7, D. Washington, 2

7, Richard Burton, 0

7, P. O’Toole, 0

6, K. Winslet, 1



De Niro


Gap in nominations:

Longest gap between first and second nomination:

Helen Hayes; Jack Palance, Henry Fonda (though Fonda was producer of Oscar nominee, 12 Angry Men).

Oscar Speeches

Name the longest speech:

Greer Garson

Julia Roberts, 3 minus and 47 seconds


*Which American Oscar winning song is heard in Almodovar’s Bad Education and Shall We Dance?

Moon River

*Blue Velvet” the song played in the background of which Oscar film?

Raging Bull, 1980

Foreign Language

*Name the first foreign language film to be nominated for an Oscar in any category?

Rene Claire’s A Nous La Liberte (1931-2); Lazare Meerson, Interior Design

*Which was the first French film to receive Best Original Story nomination?

A Cage of Nightingales, 1947

*In what year, 2 foreign films competed for Best Original Screenplay?

2002: Y Tu Mama Tam Bien; Talk to Her

Last time this had happened was in 1976

Special Effects

When did Special Effects become a regular competitive category?



Documentary and Feature

*The Miracle Worker, 1962, was preceded by the Oscar winning documentary, “Helen Keller in Her Story,” 1956

*Reverse: docu “Anne Frank Remembered” 1996 won the docu Oscar decades after “The Diary of Anne Frank,” 1959, was nominated for Best Picture.

*Name the year in which only 2 films were nominated for Best Documentary Feature?

1952; the winner was “The Titan”


Name the siblings who were nominated for an Oscar in the same year

1966: Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave

1969: Jane Fonda (They Shoot), Peter Fonda (Easy Rider)

March 18, 2022


Actresses nominated for the same part, when one is playing a younger version of the other:

Kate Winslet and Gloria Stewart in Titanic

Kate Winslet and Judi Dench in Iris

Olivia Colman and Jessey Buckley in The Lost Daughter

Costume Design:

How many French films were nominated for or won Costume Design?

The Earrings of Madame De (1954)

Piero Gherardi, won two Oscars, both for Fellini films, La Dolce Vita in 1961 and 81/2 in 1963.

Music: Most Nominated

Name the composer (artist), who had received the largest number of awards and nominations.

Alfred Newman, 45 noms, 9 Oscars

Sammy Cohn, 26  noms

Max Steiner, 26 noms

John Williams,

Edit Head

Multiple Nominations in the Same Year

In 1940, Victor Young was nominated for 2 films: Arise My Love and Arizona, his last two noms (check)

Quiz: Name the composer who was nominated for 3 Best Song Oscars in the same year: Harold Arlen

“Happening is a Thing Called Joe”

“My Shining Hour”

“That Old Black Magic”


Oscar 1962:

“Days of Wine and Roses” is not one of Mancini-Mercer best songs.

In general, the year was rather weak for Best Song nominees. Each of the five nominated songs served as the title theme of a serious, non-musical film.

Song: Mona Lisa

Which Oscar-winning song helped set the vogue for spin-off pop tunes wit only tangential relevance to the movie in which it appeared:

“Mona Lisa” in Captain Carey, U.S.A.


Aretha Franklin: How many times she appeared in the Oscar show

She performed “Nobody Does It Better” in the 1978 show, from the 1977 James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me.

Scandals: Omission

Name one of the most famous songs that failed to be nominated for Best Song Oscar?

That’s Entertainment form The Band Wagon (1953) by Arthr Schwartz and Howard Dietz

Woman Music

Name the first woman to win an Oscar for composing a musical score?

Rachel Portman, Best Original Musical/Comedy, Emma (1996)


How many Beatles songs have been nominated for or won Oscars?

Let It Be (1970): Music and Lyrics (Original Song Score)


Each individual branch set its own rules:

Best Song: 9 noms

Score Dramatic: 20 noms

Score Musical: 10 noms