Under the Bomb: Israeli Political Feature Released by Film Movement

July 28, 2008–“Under the Bombs” and “The Trap,” two political features, have been picked up by the Film Movement for a 2009 release.

Philippe Aractingi shot the docudrama “Under the Bombs” during Israel's 2006 attacks on Beirut, which were intended to cripple terrorist org Hezbollah. The film follows a Christian taxi driver and a female Shiite passenger who drive during that conflict from that city to the country's southern region to look for her lost son.

“Under Bombs” performed well at the Venice and Dubai film festivals, earning Dubai's Golden Pony and Venice's Altre Visioni prize and Human Rights Award.

The noir thriller “The Trap” follows a man who, on discovering that his son needs $30,000 worth of medical treatment, has to decide whether or not to cross a major moral boundary to get the money. Script is adapted from Nenad Teofilovic's play.