Sweet Home Alabama: Sequel to Star Oscar Winner Reese Withersoon and Josh Lucas

More than 15 years after the romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama was released in 2002, Josh Lucas, who starred opposite Reese Withersoon (fashion designer Melanie Smooter), is ready to revisit his character, Jake Perry.

“I would do it in a second,” Lucas, 47, said about a sequel on Tuesday’s The Talk.

“I think it would be so fascinating and obviously I don’t know where it would go, but I think it would be so fascinating to see where these two characters and the children and where everyone ended up. Are they still together? Are they divorced? Do they want to be back together? I mean, there’s so many different ideas that I think, you know, we all know life is long and complex and they had an interesting relationship to begin with, the two characters,” he explained.

Said Lucas: “The fact that they were together from when they were children, I would love to see what’s going on 20 years later.”