Oscar 2019: Kevin Hart as Host–Yes, No, Maybe

Kevin Hart’s appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show on Friday afternoon drew a strong response from GLAAD, the country’s leading LGBTQ advocacy group.

The comedian was to host the Oscars Show on February 24, but stepped down after controversy erupted over a series of homophobic jokes he made in the past.

“From the time this news first broke, GLAAD said that Kevin Hart should not step down from hosting the Oscars.  Instead, he should step up and send an unequivocal message of acceptance to LGBTQ youth that matches the force and impact of his initial anti-LGBTQ remarks,” said GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

Sources close to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said in the hours following release of the “Ellen” clips, the group was open  to Hart returning as host, if he signaled he wanted the gig and also made a sincere demonstration of contrition. The situation, however, appears to be fluid, and now insiders say that the group may be considering moving on from Hart.