Oscar 2012: Infancia Clandestina is Argentina's Oscar Entry

“Infancia clandestina” (Clandestine Childhood), a youth love story set during a military dictatorship, got the nod Friday, September 28 as Argentina’s candidate for the foreign-language Oscar nomination, a breakthrough for director Benjamin Avila.

Avila’s first fiction feature, “Childhood” explores the love of two 12 year olds set among resistance fighters during Argentina’s 1976-83 dirty war.

Film stars Natalia Oreiro (“France”), Ernesto Alterio (“The Widows of Thursdays”) and Cesar Troncoso (“Norberto’s Deadline”).

Laurelled in San Sebastian, “Childhood” won 19 of the 83 votes cast for the Oscar contender, narrowly outpacing freshman helmer Armando Bo’s Elvis Presley impersonator dramedy “El ultimo Elvis” (The Last Elvis) with 18 votes, Pablo Trapero’s shantytown-set drama “Elefante blanco” with 14 and Diego Kaplan’s comedy “Dos mas dos” with eight.

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