Oscar 2007: Immediate Impact of Oscar Nominations on the Box-Office

Impact of Oscar Nominations on the Box-Office

Among those Oscar Best Picture nominees reporting Friday:


Fox Searchlight's “Juno” grossed the most with $2.9 million on 2,426, down 5%, and a total cume of $92.8 million.

In two weeks, “Juno” should cross the $100 milllion mark, well before the Oscar telecast.

There Will Be Blood

After expanding its theater screens from 389 to 885, Paramount Vantage's “There Will Be Blood” made 51% with $1.26 million, raising its domestic gross to $11.1 million.


Focus Features' period drama, “Atonement,” tallied $1 million at 1,400 locales, down 18%, for a running take of $34.9 million.

No Country for Old Men

Released in Novemebr, Miramax's “No Country for Old Men” made $614,000 from 1,107 situations, repping an 86% surge and a total domestic gross of $50 million, making it the most commercial film of the Coens brothers.