Mob Girl: Jennifer Lawrence to Star in Sorrentino’s True Crime Story

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence will star in Makeready’s adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Teresa Carpenter true-crime story Mob Girl.

Lawrence will also produce the film, which is based on the life of the mob wife turned police informant Arlyne Brickman, alongside Justine Polsky via their production company, Excellent Cadaver.

Oscar winning Italian director Paolo Sorrentino will helm the version with Angelina Burnett adapting the script. Sorrentino will also produce the project alongside Wildside’s Lorenzo Mieli.

Makeready partner and head of film, Pamela Abdy and Natalie Williams will oversee for the studio.

The film follows Brickman who grows up among racketeers on the Lower East Side of New York City where she’s drawn to the glamorous lifestyle of New York mobsters.

She begins dating “wiseguys” and running errands for them, before getting in on the action herself, eventually becoming a police informant and a witness in the government’s case against the Colombo crime family.