Interstellar: Tickets Sale Soars at Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre

Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR will be released beginning November 7, 2014, in theaters and IMAX®, but the film has already opened in Hollywood at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX® and ticket sales so far at the historic Hollywood venue, remade as the planet’s biggest IMAX® theatre a year ago, are the BIGGEST in the WORLD.

More than 10,000 movie goers have already seen the film at this single location and concessionaires have been doubled to accommodate the demand for popcorn and other traditional movie-going goodies.

Officially, Interstellar opens Nov. 7, but the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX® began screening it on Nov. 4 with back-to-back showings for 24 hours in IMAX® 70MM film.

The TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX® is one of the few IMAX® theatres in the country to show Interstellar in IMAX® 70MM film, the biggest format available.

“This is the perfect venue to see the film,” says TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX® president and COO, Alwyn Hight Kushner.  “Christopher Nolan himself was here many times to insure that every aspect of the film-going experience for ‘Interstellar’ was to his specification.”

“The movie world is abuzz about this film, calling it the best film in a generation, and, of course, Christopher Nolan was here two years ago placing his handprints and footprints in cement,” adds Hight Kushner.