Why Did I Get Married Too?: Interview with Director and Star Tyler Perry

Why Did I Get Married Too? Why Did I Get Married Too? Why Did I Get Married Too? Why Did I Get Married Too? Why Did I Get Married Too?

Tyler Perry directs and stars in "Why Did I Get Married Too?" which also stars Janet Jackson, Michael Jai White, and Sharon Leal. The sequel is being released April 2 by Lionsgate.

Deciding to Make the Sequel

“I wanted to revisit these couples because they all had such great storylines and I felt like there was so much more that I wanted to tell for each and every one of them,” explains Perry.

The sequel, while offering ample doses of humor and levity, doesn’t shy away from the more sobering aspects of marriage, whether the issues involve infidelity, financial pressure, or the simple challenge of keeping love alive. “I’ve stressed each couple to their max with their situations, with whatever marital situation they were facing,” reports Perry. “Anyone who’s ever been married – or even in a relationship – will be able to relate to at least one of these four couples.”

Cast Bonding

A bond between the cast became equally strong off-screen during the production of the original film, and the prospect of a reunion was met with universal excitement from the cast. “They’re such a great group of people and we had so much fun on the first film,” says Perry. “We all bonded, and we missed each other.”

“If there’s a Madea character in this movie, it would be Angela and I wrote it thinking about Tasha playing the role,” admits Perry. “She’s really out of control but she brings life and fun to the movie.”

“Michael Jai White is one of the most generous actors,” reports Perry. “He's so committed, and he has this innocent quality that’s a lot like Marcus.”

Tragic news hits the set

In the middle of filming, tragic news hit the set and nearly halted production. “We were in the middle of a take when all of a sudden the energy drained out of the room,” recalls Perry. “I was on camera at the time but I felt the extras slowing down. I could feel the camera people not really paying attention. I finished and went to Reuben and asked what was going on.” That’s when Cannon told Perry the news of Michael Jackson’s death. “You could feel it everywhere,” says Perry. “I saw the energy leave the room.  It was really, really powerful that day.”

“We were able to really rally around (Janet) and protect her and support her,” says Perry. “It was great knowing I had an opportunity to be with her at a very difficult time and that I could put her around people who love her.”

Jackson startled the cast and crew with her commitment to Patricia’s emotional journey. During a climactic scene, Patricia, in a rage over the dissolution of her marriage, destroys a living room with a golf club.  Comments Perry:  “Janet put all of her pain and anger and energy into this performance in a way we’ve never seen from her before.”

Final Thoughts

Perry hopes the film will show audiences how love can prevail in any relationship. “What does it really matter if you’re having this argument or that argument in the big scheme of things?” asked Perry. “What if you lost the person that you really love and that you were arguing with, and never got a chance to tell them how much you did care? We have to appreciate our relationships every day because tomorrow isn’t promised.”