Twilight Saga: Eclipse: Interview with author Stephenie Meyer

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Stephenie Meyer is the author of the Twilight novels. The newest film in the Twilight Saga, "Eclipse," stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner and is being released June 30 by Summit Entertainment.



"For me the biggest theme was always about having to face the consequences of your choices, and that even the right choices have consequences, and not making a choice has a consequence.," says Meyer. "One of the biggest things about growing up is that grownups realize, if I do A then I have to deal with B, and they take that into account. Bella has to become a grownup and start dealing with the consequences of her actions.” 


Intensified Characters


The complicated relationships between the multitude of characters intensify in her story. “Jealousy and trust play into any human relationship. It's an interesting thing for me to explore and when I'm writing, I find that I just get really tightly wound up in the intricacies of human relationships and that's what always brings me back,” comments Meyer. “There's so much story with Victoria, Riley, and Bree that wasn’t in the book. When we were working on scripting Eclipse, I had to sit down with Melissa and a bunch of people at Summit, and just explain to them blow by blow exactly what Victoria was doing, so that we could make sense of it all. That was a lot of fun because there's so much to that story that nobody knows because it’s not in the novel. So that was cool and I'm glad that some of that is in the film, so that people get to see some of the back story that was going on that Bella wasn't aware of.” 


The Screenwriting Process


“Every movie has been a little bit different on the screenwriting process,” shares Meyer. “With Twilight, I got to see the script pretty close to the final draft and I gave them some notes. Nothing really in depth, because I was worried about overstepping so I just pick the things that were really a big deal. With the first one, we had this girl party going on with Catherine and Melissa and me, and it really felt cool just to have all the ladies together.” 


Meyer adds, “With New Moon, it was cool because Chris is a writer/director. He understood my side and I understood his. He was great about saying, ‘What do you think?’ With one scene in particular, I know that he just said, ‘Let's just do this right out of the book.’ As a writer you love to hear that.” 


“With Eclipse we were all back and forth even after we started filming. It's a very long book with a lot that goes on. I think we kept trying to fit things in and then pulling things out… it was complicated. So I worked with Melissa a lot on that. She read a short story that I was working on and was able to put some of that in. Melissa and I worked together really well just going over the different information and late nights and dinners. It was fun! Melissa’s great and it's kind of like a slumber party whenever I'm with her.” 


“Each experience has been so different with each different director there’s been a whole different feeling. David's great and we have really bonded on the subject of music. We tend to listen to the same things and he's directed some of my favorite bands' music videos,” reveals Meyer. “We really have this connection on that level and I think that his sensibilities in the videos and that sense of movement really serve him well with Eclipse. On set he’s so nice and chipper. I think he's really fun to work with.” 


Closing words


“I am in a really fortunate position where I work with Summit and we're friendly with each other and we get along and we shoot ideas around. That's not the norm – generally a writer signs the contract and then that's it… you don't hear from anyone until your movie comes out,” relates Meyer. “I'm really lucky because I find the whole movie making business fascinating. I've learned a ton and I've met some really cool people. So I'm really grateful that they’ve let me be involved and that I get to have the experience of making sure the movies reflect my vision. I love that. I get overruled sometimes and I understand why that has to be, not everything can fit in. But just to be a part of the conversation is great.”