Passion of the Christ from Gibson's Mouth

Spiritual Crisis

I think we all have a point in our lives where we sort of hit the wall. I jut got to a place of personal misery, and it was through faith, which is the central theme of The Passion, that I was able to come backWe are all damaged but theres something better out there if we reach for it.

Fear and Courage

Ive been terrified for all of my. I recall how as a kid my family was persecuted for being CatholicThat happens to everybody. That happens to Catholics, and it happens to Jews. Theyre persecuted for what they are by somebody else whos not them. Its horrible, but thats the way the world wags.

Is The Passion Anti-Semitic:

Anti-Semitism is a deliberate abuse of Jewish persons because theyre Jewish. I havent got time for that, and Ive never engaged in it. There are always going to be mindless bigots in society who distort. If anyone has distorted gospel passages to rationalize cruelty toward Jews or anyone, its in defiance of repeated papal condemnations. The papacy has condemned racism in any form.

Gory Violence:

According to the authorities, the flagellations never happened more than 39 hits, but in actuality, it was pretty vicious beating. Theres evidence that it would have been hard for any normal human being to survive that. In fact, when they found the shroud, there was no skin left on the crucified body and there were imprints of Roman coins on the eyes.

Who Killed Jesus:

The Passion is not about pointing the finger of blame. We all killed him. Jesus died for the sins of all times, and Ill be first on the line for culpability. Ive done things Im not proud of, but everybodys got good and bad in them. I am a work in progress.

Popes Reaction to the Film:

A producer friend of mine went over to the Vatican to show the film. Apparently the Pope liked it and there were witnesses to his favorable response. The Vaticans spokesperson then gave a statement to us, the L.A. Times, and New York Times. They all got confirmations from the same source. Then all of a sudden, the Vatican denied its earlier statement. I find the whole thing confusing. I dont know whats going on. I give up.