Karate Kid: Interview with Jackie Chan

The Karate Kid 2010 The Karate Kid 2010 The Karate Kid 2010

Jackie Chan stars as Mr. Han in "The Karate Kid," the remake of the 1984 classic, also starring Jaden Smith. The film was released on June 11 by Sony Pictures.  

Chan felt a particular affinity for the story, as he admits he can actually relate to the young American character.  “I understand the fish out of water story,” he says.  “About 30 years ago, I went to America for the first time by myself.  When you’re in a completely different culture, it’s very frightening.”


Says Chan:  “At first Mr. Han thinks he is only helping this bullied boy, but in the end, his life is also transformed.”


On his co-star Jaden Smith


“Dre is like boys everywhere – they want to kick something, a way to get revenge,” says Chan.  “But kung fu is not about hurting people.  It’s about helping people.”


Chan observes of his young co-star:  “I’ve never seen a child that’s as clever as Jaden is.  He learns whatever I teach him.  I mean, I’d show him something and, boom, he got it right away.  He’s amazing!”




For Chan, this film was both a homecoming and a dream-come-true.  “I am so thankful to the production company for filming in China.  We may have a five thousand year old history but our government is only sixty years young, a new government.  This movie will give audiences a chance to learn about Chinese culture as well as Chinese martial arts. Such a wonderful promotion,” he exclaims.