Sully: Tom Hanks on Film’s Message

Tom Hanks, , who portrays pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. seconds director Clint Eastwood’s idea of “Sully” as a movie that resurrects the notion of America as a “can do” place.

“In the political atmosphere we’re in, there are an awful lot of points being made–that you can’t count on people and institutions because they’re all broken — that none of them work,” said Hanks “Well, that’s nonsense. They’re not all broken. And you can still have faith in them. And, in that regard, I think this movie makes a really strong case.”

“If ‘Sully’ resonates in the broader sociological sense,” Hanks said, “I think it’s because it’s an example of our institutions actually living up to their responsibilities. I think people are ready for that.”