Sex and the City: The Men

In a show about four single women in New York City, the men in their lives tend to come and go. However, their importance to the story is not to be underestimated. The men are the unsung heroes of Sex and the City, because without the men to react to there would have been no tide, explains Michael Patrick King. There would have been no punch or pull.

Chris Noth reprises the role of Mr. Big, Carries longtime romantic ideal throughout her various romantic entanglements. During the series, Mr. Big was the holy grail, King laughs. Its important that Carrie had somebody she couldnt figure out. In the film, Mr. Big is, at long last, Carries fianc.

Chris is a wonderful, wonderful actor, King continues. Something about when he becomes Mr. Big is so compelling that people wanted it to work with Carrie. Or they wanted to punch him. Or they wanted her to get away from him

Men love him, adds Sarah Jessica Parker. Theyll say to me, Youre not going to do something awful to Mr. Big, are you And women of course swoon because hes that guy. Hes worth every argument, every fight. And theres just nobody in the world I would have wanted to do this with other than Chris.

The chemistry that Sarah Jessica and I had was invaluable, Chris Noth agrees. She and I, in playing together and having a simpatico relationship and a certain chemistry, allowed the relationship to go a lot of different places.

David Eigenberg returns as Steve Brady, Mirandas husband and the father of her young son. After several unsuccessful relationships, Steve is the one who got into her heart and was a grownup with her, King says. David Eigenberg is authentic. He is New York.

Steve is a stand-up guy, says Eigenberg about his character. Hell do anything for the people he loves. Miranda and Steve are two true-blues. Theyre a great love story.

Completing Mirandas family circle, young Joseph Pupo, no longer a baby, reprises the role of Miranda and Steves son, Brady.

On the heels of a failed marriage, Charlotte had an unlikely flirtation with her uncouth yet decent divorce lawyer Harry Goldenblatt, which developed into something more. Evan Handler returns in the role of Harry, who King describes as the opposite of the preppy dream. Evan is so important because Harry to me had to be literally all heart, and all acceptance. Hes like a peasant king, an easygoing, supportive husband.

Handler also describes Harry as someone with not all the social graces that Charlotte York was used to, but was someone whose spirit and soul she couldnt resist.

Meanwhile, Kim Cattralls Samantha Jones took great pride in her liberated attitude toward sex, bedding as many men as suited her. However, she is now in a monogamous committed relationship with Smith Jerrod, played by Jason Lewis.

According Lewis, Smith accepts Samantha for who she is. What defines him is his openness, his willingness to accept somebody for who they are without judgment. Smiths devotion to Samantha was tireless; their sex life was robust, but he also cared for her during her bout with cancer.

Another man in the girls lives is Anthony Marentino, played by Mario Cantone, who originally joined the Sex and the City family as Charlottes wedding planner. Cantone, who has known Michael Patrick King ever since they both performed as stand-ups at the Improv in the early 1980s, credits Sex and the City for dealing with sexual mores in a new and groundbreaking way. It was never like, oh, hes gay, or she likes to have sex with a lot of men, or shes kind of prudish and neurotic. It was all just accepted and presented to the audience so you see it clearly and without judgment. And on top of that, its hilarious. You can break through things that are taboo with humor.

One man who has been constantly at Carries side is Stanford Blatch, a gay talent agent played by Willie Garson. Full of his own romantic dramas with men and offering support as Carrie experiences hers, Stanford is perhaps most memorable for his sartorial style, which includes pointy shoes, shiny suits and bow ties. Stanford, as a character, was very much created by (costume designer) Pat Field, says Garson. Its the only character where she had carte blanche, whatever she wanted to do. So Pats a big personality, Stanford is a big personality.