Sex and the City 2: Interview with star Sarah Jessica Parker

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Sarah Jessica Parker stars as Carrie in "Sex and the City 2," the sequel to the popular TV show adaptation. The film, which also stars Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon, is being released May 27 by Warner Bros.

A New Carrie


Parker says of her newly married character, "Carrie, who at one point thought she might not be the marrying type, is finally married to the love of her life, the man she spent most of her adult life pursuing." She further adds that Carrie is not alone in reaching a crossroads in her life. "All the women, at this point in their lives, appear to be content with having what they thought they wanted. But, as Michael Patrick so cleverly does in his writing, there's nuance and layers and complications under the surface."


"Carrie has spent her career writing about being single, and for the first time she's writing about a different topic, being married," Parker observes. "The truth is, she doesn't know a lot about it yet. But she's learned that there's a difference between having a wedding and being married. She's been married for a very short time and she's not quite wearing it as comfortably as she wants to."


Parker adds, "Carrie likes to go out, she likes to live the city life, looking, watching, participating. One of the many things she's secretly struggling with is the idea of staying in, of these shackles she has figuratively projected onto herself. She's able to intellectualize it, but emotionally, she's not actually where she would like to be in the marriage. She wants to be able to say she feels good about the expectations she has had of her partner and herself. So for Carrie, it becomes a story about 'Yes, I had a wedding, but am I married? Am I married?'"


A Married New York Couple


"Big and Carrie are that New York couple who go to the ballet and to a great dinner and then have champagne on top of a skyscraper, looking out at the Manhattan landscape, and Carrie loves that about them," says Parker. "But they're celebrating their anniversary at home, and he's very romantic in the way that Big can be, and she loves that, too. Then what should have been a romantic exchange of gifts suddenly makes her wonder if he really knows her at all."

"It's a mix," says Parker. "It's a hybrid of who they are, Mrs. John Preston and John James Preston. It's a one bedroom on the Upper East Side, and it's not on the top floor, but it's not on the first floor. It has great views and you really feel the city all around them. For a romantic comedy set in Manhattan, it's incredibly realistic in terms of scale and proportion."


The Fashion


She set up her costume shop in an enormous space in a Long Island City industrial loft building a few blocks from Silvercup Studios. "There were literally hundreds of racks of clothes from every important and emerging designer in the world in that space," Parker remembers. "There was one massive room for just shoes, another for fine jewelry, and another section just for bags. It's like an alternate universe."


"We're all victims of wearing the craziest trends at some point," Parker allows, "I personally made as many bad choices as anybody in the `80s, but I can look back and laugh at it. And in the film, it's a great way to introduce where these ladies came from, especially since we now know how far they've come."


Closing Words


"I think what was most interesting to me about the 'Sex and the City 2' shoot was getting away with everyone," Parker says. "We were all removed from the most important people in our lives, our families, and that was very difficult, but I think it also helped us grow even closer than ever–and we've all been pretty close going on 12 years now. It was probably the best time we ever had as a group, and it was so great to have that experience."