Robin Hood: Interview with Director Ridley Scott

Robin Hood Robin Hood Robin Hood

Ridley Scott is the director of "Robin Hood," starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. The latest adaptation of the British fairy tale is being released May 14 by Universal Pictures.

A Student of History


Scott is a longtime student of history, and his last period thriller, Kingdom of Heaven, had focused on the fall of Jerusalem 12 years before King Richard I met his untimely death.  “I love period films,” offers Scott.  “I started with The Duellists, and then I’ve done the Roman epic and now I’ve gone back to medieval times again.”


Hybridizing Genres


Scott reflects: “Everyone talks about Robin Hood robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, but we felt it was relevant to choose a point in medieval folklore when the environment is on the edge of starvation and neglected by the crown.  The hierarchy is the enemy, and the everyman who will come against them is Robin Hood.  Within that idea, we have not forgotten the expectation and the romanticism of the legend.  Is there humor in this?  Yes.  Is there a lot of action?  Yes.” 


Cate Blanchett as the perfect Marion


Scott believed that Blanchett would make the ideal Marion for their production.  “Cate Blanchett has a very definitive part in this overall story and context,” he says.  “It’s a perfect, if you like, marriage of two characters.”