Repo Men: Interview with star Jude Law

Repo Men Repo Men Repo Men Repo Men Repo Men

Jude Law plays Remy in "Repo Men," the new sci-fi thriller directed by Miguel Sapochnik. The film is being released by Universal on March 19.


Law admits he was “immediately struck by the originality of the concept. I liked the dark humor mixed with a love story, a buddy movie and satire, and the challenge that juggling all those tones presented to me as an actor.”


Playing "An Upright Working Bloke"


He describes his character: “I play a guy who’s just an upright working bloke doing his job. He’s been highly trained and encouraged to kill, but then, like so many ex-military men, he’s been cast off not knowing what to do with his skills at the end of a conflict. Remy finds an outlet through The Union, and his bizarre job gives him an epiphany that, ultimately, sends him on the run. What makes him interesting to me is that he’s also a little bit of a philosopher and a writer, with an inner voice that’s more poetic than he would let on.”


On His Co-Stars


Law reflects on working with his co-star, Forest Whitaker: “Often, you’re thrown together and people say, ‘That’s a good pairing,’ or ‘Those two will look good together,’ but you never know until you’re there whether it’s going to work.” In this case, it worked. “On day one it was alchemy; Forest and I recognized the chemistry was good from the get-go, and we immediately knew what we had to do as a pair.”


Law discusses Alice Braga playing Beth: “The role of Beth was a hard part to get right, and Alice arrived like a fireball. She just lights up a set every time she walks on it. She’s got incredible passion, enthusiasm and energy, and a rare combination of maturity with a natural, wonderful naïveté and youth.”


On his Director


Law had confidence that Sapochnik would breeze through creating the technical aspects of the film. Still, he admits, “What’s amazed me is his natural ability to work with actors and his calm approach on set, even when we were filming like crazy on a schedule that was insane.”


A Plethora of Effects


As gory as the process sounds, Law understood that the attention to detail would only help make the repo men appear more realistic as they carried out their jobs. Says the actor: “On various occasions, we had whole bodies that I was allowed to cut into, with working inner organs that I fished around for, wounds that I sealed and weird joints that were able to come out and go back into small knees, hips, hearts, livers, kidneys…all sorts. The execution of these designs is beautiful. These guys are anatomical artists.”


Intense Training


“My trainer and I worked for about a month practicing basic hand-to-hand combat before we started filming,” recalls Law. “We also worked with sticks, boxing and basic movement so that I could become very natural using any weapon from a knife or a stick to my fists.”