Remember Me: Statement from Director Allen Coulter

Remember Me Remember Me

Allen Coulter is the director of "Remember Me," the new romance starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan. The film is being released March 12 by Summit Entertainment.

"When I first read Will Fetter's script, REMEMBER ME (at that time entitled MEMOIRS), three of its many qualities struck a deep chord within me: first of all, it presented New York City at a particularly important time in its history. As a New Yorker, I reveled in the opportunity to accurately depict that time in a city that I know so well and have loved so long. Second, it presented an honest and unvarnished story of young love–a subject I'd been interested in dramatizing for many years. And third, from its opening scene, the script was imbued with a consistent and timely theme, namely: what happens when a bolt-from-the-blue collides with and shatters our well-ordered world? How does one survive these unexpected and inexplicable shocks? And how does it alter us as human beings?

"Simply put, while REMEMBER ME was both an intimate story of the love that grows between two young people and a finely drawn portrait of how two different families are affected by their own particular version of a sudden and tragic event, the script ultimately became an exploration of the larger themes of love, loss and the evanescence of life." 


                                                                     – Director Allen Coulter