Rabbit Hole: Interview with star Aaron Eckhart

Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole

Aaron Eckhart stars as Howie in "Rabbit Hole," directed by John Mitchell. The film, which also stars Nicole Kidman, is being released by Lionsgate on December 17.

“What interested me is that Howie and Becca are trying to salvage a relationship that was once very playful, fun and loving, but now everything is different,” Eckhart says.  “Theirs is a good story that I think is worth telling, one that will have resonance for a lot of people.  It is a story for anyone who has ever dealt with confusion, loss, family pressures, marital troubles, really all the things we all deal with on a daily basis.” 


Responding to the humor


He, too, couldn’t help but respond to the screenplay’s unexpected vein of humor.  “I think it captures those family moments that are both funny and poignant at the same time,” the actor observes.  “It brings out the kind of humor that happens when nothing makes sense and you just need some relief.”


Working with Kidman


While the writing was a magnet for Eckhart, it was the opportunity to work with Kidman that truly sealed the deal.  “When I read the screenplay, I knew that Nicole was going to be so good,” he muses, “that I just couldn’t pass up the chance to work with her on this.  It was truly a pleasure to watch her become Becca and to experience the power of that.  She was passionate, dedicated and so close to the material that you can feel it.”