Love & Other Drugs: Interview with stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway

Love and Other Drugs Love and Other Drugs Love and Other Drugs Love and Other Drugs

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway star in "Love & Other Drugs," directed by Edward Zwick. The film is being released by Twentieth Century Fox on November 24.

“LOVE & OTHER DRUGS is about what it takes to let love in,” says Anne Hathaway. 


Adds Jake Gyllenhaal: “It’s a comedy and a love story about two people who are running away from the same things: intimacy, connection, and caring. These are some of the most difficult things you can ask of another human being.  But the movie is first and foremost a comedy; that’s what we were trying to bring out in almost every scene.”


On their characters


“When Maggie meets Jake, she is at a transitional moment in her life,” says Hathaway.  “She hasn’t accepted her challenges, and more importantly, she hasn’t been able to accept herself. “


Gyllenhaal’s Jamie is the black sheep in a successful family.   “He’s bright but a bit self-destructive,” says the actor.  “He’s content to be successful with his life as a salesman of a revolutionary drug – a job for which he’s perfectly suited – and continue to succeed at fake connections.  He’s an expert at those because he’s a great performer.” 


“I loved how seemingly fearless Maggie is,” says Hathaway.  “I was moved by the challenges she faces and by the façade she presents to the world, as an idealized sex goddess who is fine with everything and anything. But there’s an aching and yearning there; she’s scared and vulnerable, and a wonderful person under all of that.  As an actress, you dream of opportunities to explore those things.”


Their second collaboration


Hathaway notes that her previous collaboration with Gyllenhaal, on Brokeback Mountain, was a critical factor in their work together on LOVE & OTHER DRUGS. “We learned [on Brokeback Mountain] that were really good scene partners, and good at listening to one another.  We go much deeper with that in this movie.”