Inception: Interview with star Leonardo DiCaprio

Inception Inception Inception Inception Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in "Inception," the latest film from director Christopher Nolan. The film, which also stars Ellen Page and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, is released by Warner July 16.


The driving force is largely embodied in the central character of Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. "It is this highly entertaining, complex thriller where anything can happen, but at the heart is one man's quest to uncover a long-buried truth and to get back home. It's also completely original; I don't think anyone could say they've experienced anything like it before. That combination made me excited about working on the project, as well as with Chris Nolan. He is an expert at taking this kind of multi-layered storyline and making it true and tangible to an audience."


On Christopher Nolan


"Chris is an extremely talented filmmaker," DiCaprio states, adding, "I also appreciated getting to collaborate so closely with such an unbelievable cast. We had lengthy conversations about our characters, and their individual histories and relationships. And Chris definitely encouraged that; he wanted every actor, no matter how big or small the part, to have a real sense of our characters and to bring something to the table to make them our own."

The actor notes, "Cobb has achieved a level of expertise that has made him very well known in the underground black market of individuals who are able to infiltrate people's minds and extract information."


For that reason, DiCaprio says that the approach he and Nolan took was that "no matter how surreal the dream state, everything needed to be grounded in our connection with the character; everything had to be emotionally charged. From Cobb's standpoint there is something very real at stake, so all of his choices, his reactions, and how he deals with the people he's working with is a means to one end: getting back his life."


First-time Experiences


DiCaprio says, "For the actors, it was so intriguing that we were essentially experiencing all of this for the first time, just as the audience will be. As a group, we were on this epic journey and were in a constant state of discovery and surprise. I think that's going to be one of the most exciting things about watching this movie–realizing that there are unlimited possibilities and you never truly know what could happen next."