Everybody Wants Some: Richard Linklater

Richard Linklater’s new film, Everybody Wants Some, is being released by Paramount this month.

Ending of Boyhood End is Beginning of New Film

I even told my actors when we were shooting that last scene in Boyhood, I said I have a film I hope to do soon and for ten years I have been thinking about it, but it begins right here.  A guy goes off to College and meets this girl, I hope to do this film.  And it happened that I was able to do that film next, so I covered that same ground.  So it’s kind of a continuation of Boyhood, it begins right where Boyhood ends.  It’s a very different guy, but he’s a different part of myself.  Where Ellar, the young man, Mason in Boyhood, is kind of my more artistic sensitive side, this is the more drunken, carousing college boy side.

Personal Films

I am one of the few to admit to autobiography, I will say yeah, that’s kind of what happened.  I showed up to college and I thought I would be living in this dorm but it was overcrowded so they gave us these two houses and there was eighteen of us living in, it only had four bedrooms, two in a bedroom.  It was kind of like our own fraternity.  If the movie Animal House had come out recently, not that far back. I was kind of like this is our own Animal House. We are living in Animal House in different times.