Elle: Isabelle Huppert on her Post-Feminist Role

“I was never reluctant to do it, I never saw any problem. I thought she was a kind of post-feminist character. Very quietly, very sure of herself, she does what she does,” Isabelle Huppert said of her title role in the film Elle.

Playing Amoral Character

“It’s not really important for me whether a character is doing the right thing or is sympathetic. She’s a really amoral character, although, I think the film’s not amoral, but she reacts in a way that might seem amoral.”

Four Rape Scenes

“It was very technical, we rehearsed a lot. It wasn’t difficult, I have to say.” Huppert said on shooting the four rape scenes in the film. “We all know those scenes might be more difficult to watch for the spectator than to do for the actor. It was very much prepared.”